Men's Neckties

Since the 17th century, the men's tie has maintained its status as a timeless fashion piece. Men's ties have the unique ability to transform any man into dapper company, regardless of wealth or status. In fact, men's ties, pocket squares, and accessories like the tie bar are one of the easiest ways for guys to express their personality and style in their clothing.

A fabric's color and pattern can totally change the style of an outfit. For instance, darker colors and striped patterns create a more subdued look for formal attire, while stylish prints like polka dots and splashes of color express a fun, whimsical attitude.

At High Cotton Ties, we've dedicated our craft to bringing our customers an incredible selection of stylish ties for men. Whether you prefer textured fabrics, plaid ties, or more formal men’s ties, we have you covered for any occasion. Our Southern-inspired range of mens ties vary based on unique patterns and styles to suit the modern gentleman. Neckties are an extension of one's personality and style, and can elevate a standard shirt or outfit to a stylish, fashion-forward centerpiece.

No matter the occasion, our style shop features numerous designs and offers several different types of fabric to go with almost any shirt and a large selection of traditional width ties. In addition to the style shop, use our color shop to narrow down the choices to a specific color of men's ties. Love plaids and polka dots? Check out the pattern shop for unique prints and designs you won't find anywhere else at our level of quality.

High Cotton Ties are known for their world-class quality ties and cummberbunds for men. From the color to the fabric to the pattern—our process is hands-on and intentional with every tie we create. Made from the highest quality fabrics and handsewn in the USA, you can feel confident wearing your High Cotton Tie anywhere. Spruce up your outfit with a new tie today!

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