Folk Magazine

Recently Judy Hill was given a unique opportunity to produce a cotton T-shirt with the lowest carbon footprint. This launched a new campaign and effort that they call From Dirt to Shirt. The average T-shirt travels 17,000 miles during production, while High Cotton’s T-shirt travels only 750 miles from the beginning stages of growing the cotton to the finished product. North Carolina is the third largest producer of cotton in the United States and 50% of that crop is exported annually to produce items that are then imported. Judy was also lucky enough to acquire a prize in this past year’s harvest, the first 100% organic cotton crop known in North Carolina’s agricultural history which they will use to create an organic polo. Judy says, “Cotton is staple in Southern history and it is a blessing to get an opportunity to make such an inspiring product that creates so much change.” James says, “The ultimate goal is to bring the cotton back to the south. Not just to grow it, but also to weave it and produce quality American-made clothing with it.”