How to Tie a Bow Tie

The bow tie is a style icon in its own right, pulling together looks for weddings, graduations, and the everyday. Don a preppy men’s bow tie, and you instantly hold your head a little higher. But for the full effect of the bow tie, you’ve got to go with the real thing — not a clip-on or pre-tied cotton bow tie.

To make sure you look sophisticated while wearing one, you need to know how to tie it correctly. A bow tie that’s loosely or incorrectly tied will ruin the desired style. That’s why we have provided the steps you need to tie yourhand-crafted bow tie to finish off your best looks.

Six Easy Steps to Tie a Bow Tie

The great news is that it’s not difficult to ace tying yourcotton bow tie. With a few easy steps and a little practice, you’ll get it right every time. 

Step #1. Begin With the Bow Tie At Different Lengths

To begin tying your bow tie, start with one end being longer than the other after it’s around your neck. It’s a good idea to have one side about two to three inches longer than the opposite side. 

Step #2. Make a Knot

Cross the two sides of the tie, pulling the long end up and over, so you have a basic knot. 

Step #3. Pinch the Short End Into a Bow

Take the short end and fold it, so it has the shape of a bow. 

Step #4. Bring the Long End Over the Center of the Bow

Hold the long side and pull it over the bow you’ve created towards the center.

Step #5. Pull and Pinch

Pinch both sides of that bow together, so the long end is hanging down. 

Step #6. Pull Through the Loop

Now you should have a hold in the bow you have pinched together by your neck. Take the long end of the bow tie that’s hanging and fold it, pushing it through the loop. 

Step #7. Shape It

Your last step is to refine the shape of the bow tie, pulling and adjusting until it has the perfect shape. 

Ways to Style Your Bow Tie 

Once you know how to tie a bow tie, next is learning how to style it right. Here are a few simple tips that’ll help:

  • Classic solids. Start with solids like a black satin bow tie or one in dark navy. These looks are timeless. Once you master solids, you should try your hand in patterns or prints. 
  • Mix and match. After wearing solids, have some fun mixing and matching patterns. Paisleyslook clean-cut with checkered shirts, and polka dots go well with a pinstripe jacket. 
  • Go bold. Make your stylish bow tiestand out at your next wedding or special event.

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