Luxe Linen: Top Pocket Squares

Let's have a lively chat about a tiny but mighty fashion piece that can totally level up your look with some good old Southern flair: the pocket square.

Now, if you're into sharp suits and classic style like I am, listen up. Mastering the art of rocking a linen pocket square can seriously make you stand out in any crowd.

I've always been intrigued by this little square of fabric. It's amazing how something so simple can make such a big statement. And down here in the South, it's more than just a fashion statement; it's a tradition that speaks volumes about our refined taste and attention to detail.

Whether you're strolling through the charming streets of Charleston or enjoying a bourbon at a fancy Savannah bar, you'll spot Southern gents elevating their outfits with a perfectly folded pocket square.

Today, we're shining the spotlight on linen pocket squares – a staple accessory for any Southern gentleman, whether you're at a laid-back barbecue or a fancy soirée. Their lightweight feel and timeless vibe make them ideal for those steamy Southern summers. Pop one in your pocket, and you'll instantly ooze sophistication.

In this article, I'll explain everything you need to know about linen pocket squares: how to pick the best ones, which colors to pair them with, different folding techniques, matching them with ties, and, most importantly, how to rock 'em to showcase that classic Southern charm. So, buckle up, gentlemen—we're about to take your style game to a whole new level.

How Do You Choose the Perfect Pocket Square?

Discover the magic of the pocket square—a tiny yet mighty addition to your outfit. Picture it not as just fabric in your pocket but as a symbol of refinement, attention to detail, and a touch of flair, essential for any Southern gentleman.


First, let's talk quality. A good pocket square feels as good as it looks. Cheap fabric can ruin even the most elegant attire, so opt for handcrafted squares with delicate edges that showcase true craftsmanship.


Size matters, too. Aim for around 16x16 inches—big enough to make a statement but not so large that it overwhelms your pocket.

Wearing a pocket square isn't about following a rule; it's about speaking a secret language of style. It signals that you understand the importance of finishing touches and attention to detail, quietly exuding confidence and sophistication.

And here's a pro tip: never match your pocket square exactly to your tie. Let them complement each other instead of being twins. This subtle distinction showcases your style, wisdom, and creativity.

Remember that your choice of pocket square adds personality and depth to your outfit, a hallmark of classic Southern style. So whether you opt for silk or linen, a simple fold or an intricate one, let your pocket square reflect who you truly are—that's Southern style done right.

Linen Has Power

Linen is the summer darling of men's fashion! Have you ever wondered why linen is the perfect fabric for a pocket square? Well, let's take a look and find out!

Why Linen is Perfect for Pocket Squares

Linen comes from the flax plant, and it's like a breath of fresh air in hot weather. It's light, crisp, and feels amazing. Plus, it has this cool texture that adds a unique touch. Unlike shiny materials like silk or polyester, linen has a natural, down-to-earth vibe that's hard to beat. It's modest but makes a big style statement.

Linen vs Silk – What's the Difference?

Silk is classy, no doubt. It's like fancy china on a table. But linen? Linen is like a cozy family dinner on a Sunday afternoon – simple, comforting, and just as charming.

Picture this: silk is perfect for fancy events like black-tie parties. But for something more laid-back, like a summer wedding or a casual family gathering, linen is your go-to. It adds a pop of color to your outfit and keeps things relaxed yet stylish.

Linen: The Southern Gentleman's Style

Linen is all about that Southern charm – modest yet full of character. It's amazing how something as small as a pocket square can totally change your outfit's vibe. That's the magic of linen, folks!

Styling Linen Pocket Squares

Explore the charm of Southern style with me as we dive into the world of men's formal fashion, where pocket squares reign supreme. These small yet mighty accessories can transform any outfit into a masterpiece, infusing it with Southern elegance and personality.

Best Colors for a Linen Pocket Square

Discover the magic of linen pocket squares, known for their ability to showcase colors effortlessly. While classic white linen exudes timeless sophistication, don't be afraid to embrace vibrant hues like mint or peach for a dash of personality. As the seasons change, let your pocket square reflect the colors of nature, whether it's the rich burgundy of autumn leaves or the golden glow of mustard.

Complementing and Contrasting Your Attire

When it comes to coordinating your pocket square with your attire, remember the golden rule: compliment, don't match. Create a symphony of colors and patterns that harmonize without being identical. Let your pocket square and tie dance together, but ensure they maintain their distinct flair.

Decoding Linen Patterns and Designs

Patterns add personality to your pocket square, but it's important to strike a balance. Opt for solid or subtly patterned squares when your tie or shirt is busy, and vice versa. And if you're a fan of intricate tie patterns, let them take center stage by pairing them with a solid-colored pocket square.

An Occasion-Specific Pocket Square

The right pocket square can elevate any occasion, whether it's a daytime garden wedding or a black-tie affair. Let the setting guide your choice, whether it's a leafy pattern for a garden event or a classic white square for a formal affair.

In the world of Southern fashion, there are no fixed rules—just creativity and charm. Dress confidently, knowing that true gentlemanliness never goes out of style.

How To Fold a Linen Pocket Square

Congratulations, you've reached the exciting part - learning how to fold your linen pocket square with flair! When it comes to linen, its unique texture and stiffness call for special folds. Here are two folds I suggest:

The Puff Fold

  1. To add a dash of liveliness to your look, go for the Puff Fold. Lay your pocket square flat, pinch it at the center, and let the edges drape naturally. Slide it through your hand to create a puff at the top and points at the bottom. Fold and tuck the bottom behind the puff to fit neatly into your pocket. It's effortlessly stylish and subtly chic.

The Square Fold

  1. Also known as the "Presidential" Fold, this one exudes timeless sophistication. Start by laying your linen pocket square flat and fold it in half to form a rectangle. Then, fold one side to match your pocket's width and fold up from the bottom for the right depth. This fold should peek out about a quarter to a half inch from your pocket, giving a clean, angular look.

Remember, the fold you choose says something about you, so go for the one that feels right and complements your outfit. Dressing up isn't just about looking good; it's about doing it with confidence and purpose, gentlemen!

 Tie-ing it Together – Picking Pairs

Choosing the right tie-pocket square combo is like creating a masterpiece. They should go together, but not too perfectly. That's just not classy, especially down South!

Texture Mix-Up

Mixing textures is where the magic happens, like pairing a linen square with a silky, wooly, or knitted tie. It adds depth and character to your look.

Color Harmony

Matching colors is crucial. You can go for calm vibes with similar shades, like deep and light blues. Or make a statement with contrasting colors, like bold maroon and subtle sage green. Shake things up a bit!

Pattern Play

Mixing patterns is a bit tricky. They don't have to match exactly, but they should get along. Stick to similar shapes, or play it safe with one pattern and one solid. For instance, if your tie has dots, go solid with the pocket square. Keep it classy, not chaotic.

In short, when you're picking your pair, do it with style. Let your tie and pocket square groove together, showing off your classy look and that Southern charm of yours.

A Few Tie and Pocket Square Pairs

Explore the world of timeless style with these iconic pairings that scream sophistication:

  1. Polka Dot Party: Blend tradition with a dash of playfulness by rocking a classic polka dot tie with a crisp white linen pocket square. Opt for a burgundy tie for a touch of balance and visual interest.
  2. Neat Checks: Elevate your look with a subtle checkered tie paired with a plain linen pocket square. Keeping the pattern on the tie ensures a seamless combination while adding a Southern touch with the breezy linen texture.
  3. Stripes of Sophistication: Stripes are your go-to for any occasion. Pair a navy blue striped tie with a beige linen square for a stylish yet professional ensemble.
  4. Timeless Paisley: Embrace your inner Southern dandy with a paisley tie and a light-colored linen square. Look for rich green tones in the tie for an extra touch of elegance.
  5. Southern Solids: For formal events, you can't go wrong with a black tie and white linen pocket square. It's a classic combination that exudes elegance and respect.

Remember to embrace linen's unique charm with its asymmetrical folds, which will add character to your ensemble. Be bold with your pairings—it's the Southern way.

Southern-Finesse Linen Pocket Squares

Let's talk about jazzing up your outfits with a linen pocket square! Picture it like adding spices to a delicious dish. Just as a pinch of seasoning can make your food pop, a linen pocket square can bring some flair to your look.

  1. Seersucker Suit: This light and breezy suit is perfect for summer vibes. Pair it with a crisp, white linen pocket square for a touch of elegance that won't clash with the stripes.

  2. Classic Navy Suit: For a timeless navy suit, keep it classy with a white linen pocket square folded neatly. It adds a sharp touch without stealing the show from your suit.

  3. Navy Blazer and Pastel Shirt: Blend seriousness with a hint of playfulness by wearing a navy blazer over a pastel linen shirt. Add a pop of color with a bold, solid linen pocket square in a complementary shade.

  4. Khaki Chinos and Gingham Shirt: Keep it casual yet sophisticated with khaki chinos and a lightweight gingham shirt. A soft-toned linen pocket square with a subtle pattern can elevate your relaxed look.

  5. Black-Tie Event: When it's time to dress up, stick to tradition with a black tuxedo and a matching bow tie. For a touch of refinement, complete the look with a simple white linen pocket square folded neatly.

Remember, the pocket square should complement, not overpower, your outfit. And linen pocket squares are perfect for warm weather, adding Southern charm to any occasion while keeping you cool and stylish.

Wrapping Up

In essence, the best linen pocket squares are not just accessories; they're statements of refined taste and timeless elegance. With their unrivaled versatility and understated charm, they effortlessly elevate any ensemble, adding a touch of sophistication that speaks volumes.

Whether you're aiming for a classic look or a contemporary twist, these pocket squares are the epitome of style, promising to be enduring companions in your sartorial journey. So, indulge in the luxury of linen, and let your pocket square be the finishing flourish that sets you apart with effortless grace.

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