Best Silk Ties: A Unique Blend of Luxury and Charm

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a tie is the fabric. Silk,the Cadillac of tie materials, reigns supreme because of its glossy and smooth appearance. It is probably the most immediately desirable choice, and you will discover why soon enough.

This decadent fabric has traveled through time and space to land right here in the 21st century, not losing an ounce of its glory or grandeur.

Whether you are attending a formal affair, a business luncheon, or spending an evening at the races, a silk tie is always in vogue. When you wear a silk tie, you are not just dressing impeccably; you are making a statement that signals refinement, respect, and a nod to the Southern way of life.

Consequently, join me as we learn what makes silk ties unique, why quality silk matters, how to choose the right color and pattern, and how to make the most of our ties.

Silk Ties: What Makes Them Special?

  • Fabric of Choice - the epitome of elegance and sophistication, catching the light and casting an opulent sheen that can't be matched
  • Strength and Durability - silk ties are highly durable and stand the test of time - sometimes passed down for generations
  • Unparalleled Fineness - lightweight and comfortable, never heavy
  • Silk Tie Knots - the texture of the fabric is excellent for knot-tying
  • The Ultimate Canvas -- stripes, paisleys no matter what color, pop on silk fabric

The Best Silk Tie: What to Look For

Quality of the Silk

The fineness of the silk fabric gives your tie its luxurious feel, making it lightweight yet just hefty enough to keep it snug against your chest. Silk is notable because of its natural sheen that gives it a natural glow. 

Stitching and Lining

If you want a quality tie, look for one with a slip stitch hidden behind the wider end - it helps the tie keep its shape over time. Also, make sure it has a substantial lining. It provides the tie with structure.

Cut of the Tie

Tie width and length should correspond to your body type and lapel size, and the length should brush your belt line for a well-cut tie to keep from twisting.

Affordability and Authenticity

Be sure the brand is genuine, and don't be swayed by offers that sound too good to be true. Always research the brand and its reputation.

Patterns and Colors for Southern Silk Ties

Classic Colors

Classics are named that for a reason. They impart an air of timelessness and elevate your attire with a dignified grace. Black, dark blue, gray, and burgundy are your standbys, complimenting your ensemble no matter the occasion.


The sheen of the silk lends a luxury edge that more than makes up for a lack of pattern. That said, stripes and paisleys add interest to your silk tie and can add an elegant touch.

Choosing silk ties should be based on subtlety and tastefulness as opposed to shock value.

Silk Ties: What's the Best Setting and Occasion?

Business Meetings/ Formal Events

Donning a silk tie is expected at business affairs and formal events. Of course, you will appear dapper - but more importantly, you set the tone for the gathering.


A southern wedding with its charm and grandeur is always a platform for the classiest silk ties. I dare say you best not attend without one!  This is a celebration and time to look your best.

Garden Parties

Now is the time to bring out slim, lighter-colored silk ties. The sun is warm, and the skies are blue - have some fun with your whimsical wardrobe of ties.

Keep the Dress Code in Mind

Be respectful of the dress code for the event. Whether it is a black tie or cocktail attire, your silk tie should be complementary.

Black Tie Events

Choose a black silk tie or bow tie for formal events, pair dark-colored silk ties for professionalism in business and opt for patterned or lighter-colored silk ties to make a statement in cocktail attire.

Examples of Our Best Silk Ties

The Best Silk for Silk Ties

There are several types of silk available. Each one brings its unique characteristics to the table - or rather, the tie. Mulberry silks are the best silks for neckwear. What’s so special about them?

The Bombyx mori silkworms, cultivated in captivity and nourished solely with mulberry leaves, produce this exquisite silk. The meticulously regulated conditions of their upbringing led to the formation of consistently round and elongated silk fibers. The outcome is a densely woven, sleek fabric distinguished by an unmatched characteristic sheen.

High Cotton Ties collection, particularly our Oyster Roast Stripe Necktie and the Sunday Brunch Stripe Necktie, is perfection. Each one carries that perfect blend of Southern charm and the richness of luxurious silk.

When carefully selected, these gorgeous Mulberry silk ties reflect the Southern gentleman's appreciation for grace, quality, and legacy in his attire.

Are Silk Ties Worth It?

Durability vs. Cost

Silk ties are considerably more durable than any less expensive material. The fibers are stronger and less likely to fray, tear, or stretch. They are also less likely to fade or discolor, making them a great investment piece.

As with good bourbon, a great tie can be pricey but worth every penny! Although the initial cost of the item is steep, over time, it will become entirely reasonable.

Psychological Advantage

When you look good, you feel good. Silk ties do this, granting you an era of sophistication and confidence.

Choosing silk ties demonstrates your admiration for quality, attention to detail, and personal style.

Significance in a Man’s Wardrobe

You might view it as a luxury, and that's a valid perspective. However, a true gentleman sees it as a crucial element that shapes his aesthetic and personal image. Are premium silk ties priced higher than ordinary ones? Certainly. But do they give me a sense of unparalleled confidence and sophistication? Without a doubt.

Few Final Thoughts

Wearing a silk tie does not make one a gentleman, but it certainly adds to his appeal. A Southern gentleman's attitude and respect go hand-in-hand with the way he wears his silk tie.

Not only should your silk tie complement your suit, but it should also communicate your Southern sophistication, charm, and grace. The journey of fashion is a delight, and may you never forget your Southern ties!

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