Bow Tie Bliss: Top Picks for Elegance

There is a long history behind the bow tie. It is derived from the cravat worn by Croatian mercenaries to hold their shirts open during the 17th century. Those humble neckties caught the attention of the French aristocracy, and before you could say bon appetit, they'd transformed and refined them into the bow tie that we know today.

The bow is not a simple adornment; it's a sartorial affirmation speaking volumes about a man's personality, panache, and poise.

Whether you're a seasoned bow tie aficionado or a curious greenhorn ready to step into the world of gentlemanly fashion, this guide's just what the tailor ordered.

Brief outline:

I.    Bow Tie Selection

  1. Choosing the perfect bow tie for your style
  2. Expert insights on types, materials, colors, and patterns
II.   Bow Tie Choices
  1. Formal bow tie options
  2. Semi-formal bow tie choices
  3. Casual bow tie styles for your wardrobe

III. Tips for Bow Tie Mastery

  1. Delicate tips to elevate your bow tie game

How to Choose the Best Bow Tie for You

Being Aware of Your Style and Preferences

Every man is unique and has their preferences when it comes to fashion. If you love to make a statement, then bright colors, bold patterns, and novelty bow ties should be on your list.

Solid colors or subtle patterns in traditional fabrics like silk or cotton are more to your liking if you lean toward quiet elegance.

Remember, your bow tie speaks volumes about your personality.

Body Type and Face Shape Considerations

Slimmer physiques look great in a narrow bow tie, while a larger frame should opt for a wider bow tie.

A bow tie with a diameter of 2.75 to 3.5 inches can balance your facial features and body type if you have a broader or larger face, while a small or more delicate bow tie with a diameter of 2 - 2.5 inches would compliment you better if you have a narrow face or a slim body type.

Event Appropriateness

If you are attending a black-tie affair,  a tasteful white or ivory bow tie would be exceptional. On the other hand, if you are attending a more casual event, you can choose from a variety of colors and patterns to suit your taste. It is important to select a bow tie that is appropriate for the occasion.

The Best Type of Bow Tie Shapes

The Butterfly/ Thistle: Highly Formal Events

Often referred to as the "thistle," the butterfly bow tie is characterized by its broad ends and large knot. It is named after its double-wing design reminiscent of a butterfly's wings.

High society events are perfect for this tie and should be a part of every Southern gentleman’s apparel.

Batwing/ Straight-End: Everyday and Semi-Formal

In contrast, the "batwing" or "straight-end" bow tie has a slim shape with flat ends. Its thin width makes it an understated and sleek choice. In everyday or semi-formal settings, batwing bow ties are popular because they rest neatly under the collar.

A batwing-shaped seersucker bow tie in an afternoon garden party lends a uniquely Southern touch.

Diamond-End: Creative Option

Characterized by angled ends, which form a diamond shape when tied, this style adds a bit of flair and personality. Consider a diamond-end bow tie with a striking pattern, such as polka-dots or paisley, for occasions when you want to show off your individuality.

The Best Material for a Bow Tie

Silk: Formal and Grand Occasions

The silk bow tie conveys your understanding and respect for tradition with its understated elegance and lustrous appearance. Silk bow ties are considered a symbol of opulence and class within formalwear. They symbolize “black tie” in its truest sense.

Cotton and Linen: Semi-Formal and Casual

Whether you're attending a semi-formal luncheon, a garden party, or a day at the races, cotton and linen bow ties are supremely appropriate. They offer a polished look but a casual twist suitable for this type of event.

Wool or Velvet: Winter, To add Texture and Warmth

For a luxurious and standout choice, opt for velvet. It is ideal for winter events and holidays. Its rich texture dresses up a holiday gathering.

Bow ties are crucial to Southern gentleman's attire, and their material markings serve as a signature accent that crowns the overall look of a refined ensemble.

Best Colors and Patterns for a Bow Tie

Best Overall: Solid Black Bow Tie

Timeless, elegant, and sophisticated - this describes the solid black bow tie to a tea. Throw in a silk material, and it is truly black tie. Perfect for galas, formal weddings, and proms.

Best for Versatility: Navy, Gray, and Earth Tones

There are plenty of suit and shirt colors that can be paired with navy, gray, and earth tones. It is ideal to wear navy bow ties with white, cream, pink, or pale blue shirts. They look harmonious when paired with a navy suit or gray suit.

Best Starting Patterns: Stripes or Polka Dots

Stepping out just a tad - don a striped or polka dot bow tie. It will add a bit of playfulness without going overboard, plus bring to life an otherwise run-of-the-mill suit.

Best Pattern for Personality: Paisley

Intricate patterns such as these express a whimsical personality and can be great conversation starters. Keep your outfit relatively subdued to avoid overpowering the bold design.

The Best Bow Ties Complement Your Outfit

Properly pairing the waterfall of colors and patterns with your attire is an art. The trick is to ensure your bow tie compliments your outfit rather than competes with it.

For example, if you're sporting a bright red paisley bow tie, let that be the showstopper. Pair it with a neutral or pale cream shirt and a solid navy suit.

The Best Bow Tie for Formal Occasions

Solid black silk bow tie - paired with a crisp white shirt with a wingtip collar and a tailored jacket with satin lapels. Oh, and don’t forget the cufflinks and classy timepiece.

The Best Semi-Formal Bow Tie 

The event is semi-formal, not totally formal, but still requires a certain amount of formality: weddings, christenings, parties, races, or even dinner dates. A bow tie can be worn on such occasions, as it doesn't have to be as conservative as a formal event, so you can show off the Southern charm and make the party pop.

Classic or More Adventurous Patterns and Colors

This is the time for patterns and more adventurous colors, like checker patterns, stripes, or polka dots, particularly in blue, red, or green silk.

 How about a red paisley bow tie?

Adding a plaid or tartan bow tie to your ensemble can add a captivating visual element.

Material: Silk, Wool, Linen, or Silk-Cotton Blend

Exchange silk for:

  • A linen bow tie in light blue - great for a summer garden party
  • A merino wool tie in burgundy or forest green - excellent for a fall race meet

The Best Bow Tie for Casual Occasions

Choose Material with Texture

What marks the difference between more formal ties and those fit for casual wear is often rooted in the material. Here is an idea that embodies the easy-going charisma the South is known for.

  • A cotton or seersucker bow tie - with a crisp white shirt and a well-fitted pair of chinos or straight-leg jeans.

Have fun with Colors and Prints

It doesn't have to be boring to look good. You can add that bit of lighthearted personality to your outfit with bow ties in warm summery hues or playful polka dots.

The Best Bow Ties to Have Ready in Your Closet

The Classic Black Silk Bow Tie

  • Cadillac of bow ties and is perfect for the most formal occasions—pairs well with a tuxedo at black-tie or white-tie events.

The Navy Blue Wool Bow Tie

  • Adds a softer, textured accent to your winter formal and semi-formal looks - embodies warmth and sophistication.

The Red Paisley Silk Bow Tie

  • Commands attention and paired with a paisley pattern - boasts charisma and style.

The Seersucker Bow Tie

  • Embracing summer, it is casual - an ideal choice for outdoor events  - cool yet sharp.

The Striped Cotton Bow Tie

  • Preppy and casual plus complements blazers and sportcoats - playful and ready to mix and match.

Tartan Bow Ties

  • Addition to your winter wardrobe plus illustrates sophistication -

The Polka Dot Linen/Cotton Bow Tie

  • Versatility and relaxation feel great for summertime - lightweight and playful.

The Velvet Bow Tie

  • Holiday gatherings exude a unique texture and luxurious feel - warmth and festive elegance.

Tips to Choose the Best Bow Tie

Observe Trending Fashions, but Don't Let Them Control You

The top priority of a Southern gentleman is to maintain a timeless style. Staying on top of fashion trends is essential, but to achieve this, staying true to your taste and style is necessary.

Don't Be Afraid to Bend the Rules to Reveal Your Style

Style is instinct, so don’t be afraid to show some individuality! Tastefully done, a flamboyant bow tie can be a fashion statement. Adding an unexpected pop of color or fabric can give your attire character.

Practice the Art of Tying the Bow Tie

For the experienced southern gentleman, the self-tie or 'freestyle'bow tie represents the pinnacle of elegance. You can tell that you work hard and put effort into your appearance by a self-tied bow tie - it's not always perfectly symmetrical, which reflects well on your character.

Wrapping Up

Bow ties are more than just a fashion accessory; they are a statement of individuality, sophistication, and timeless style. With a rich history and a modern resurgence, these small but impactful pieces have the power to transform any outfit into a masterpiece of sartorial elegance.

Whether you're donning a classic black bow tie for a formal event, a colorful patterned one to express your personality or a unique handcrafted piece that tells a story of craftsmanship, there's a bow tie for every occasion and every individual. So, why not elevate your fashion game and add a dash of character to your wardrobe with the best bow ties available? After all, as the saying goes, "A well-tied bow tie is the first serious step in life."

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