Plaid Perfection: Tie Pairings Unveiled!

If you wear a plaid shirt, it can be hard to know what tie style will look good with it, as ties come in a variety of shapes, patterns, and colors. What do you think, can you wear a tie with a plaid shirt?

Adding a plaid shirt to your outfit can add a touch of personality. Make sure your tie has a larger or bolder pattern than the shirt. Textured ties, like wool flannel and tweed, also work great together with plaid shirts. Color-matching must be done correctly.

That's the gist, but there's much more to discover. Let's dig a little deeper.

Want to learn how to choose the perfect tie for a plaid shirt, what color combinations and patterns to select, how to match a tie with a shirt, and how to elevate your formal wear with Southern-inspired tips?

Welcome aboard!

Tips for Choosing a Tie for Plaid Shirts

Let's dive into the fascinating world of plaid and ties. Plaid shirts, with their lively mix of colors and lines, bring a unique charm that demands careful attention when paired with ties. Tip number one: Check the size of the plaid pattern.

Check the Size of the Pattern on Your Shirt and Tie

When deciding on a tie for your plaid shirt, consider whether the plaid pattern is large or tight knit. For a big plaid pattern, go for a tie with a subtle print. If the plaid is smaller, a tie with a bold design works best. The goal is a pleasing visual balance between the tie and the shirt.

Take, for example, a bold Madras plaid shirt. Pair it with a solid-colored tie, choosing one of the less dominant colors from the shirt. If your shirt has a fine, almost pinstriped plaid, go for a tie with larger polka dots or wider stripes.

Balancing color and pattern are crucial to achieve a harmonious look. Neglect this, and your shirt and tie might compete instead of complementing each other.

Tie Color

Understanding color contrast is key to avoiding fashion faux pas. Choose a tie with subtle colors from the shirt or go for a neutral tone. For example, if your plaid shirt has blues, an understated gold tie could be perfect.

Matching ties and shirts is an art, not a science. With practice, you'll develop a keen sense of what pairs well. Now, let's explore good color combinations for a plaid shirt and tie.

Plaid Shirt and Tie Color Combinations

The Color Wheel

Looking at the color wheel, complementary colors (opposites) tend to pair well. For instance, a blue-dominated plaid shirt and a tie with hints of orange work wonders.

Contrasting Colors

Contrasting colors (three apart on the wheel) can also create striking combos, like a blue shirt with a red tie.

Neutral Tones

Neutral tones like grays, browns, and navies paired with vibrant colors can create a statement without being too loud.

Monochromatic Colors

Monochromatic looks, such as a dark blue shirt with a lighter blue tie, can be sophisticated and visually appealing.

Tie Patterns to Wear with a Plaid Shirt

Now, let's move to tie patterns that complement plaid shirts. Solid-colored ties, stripes, wool or knitted ties, and paisley ties all have their charm.

Solid Colored Ties

Think of a plain tie as the unsung hero of your outfit, especially when teaming up with a plaid shirt. It's the sweet tea of a summer BBQ—straightforward, dependable, and a crowd-pleaser.

Imagine a navy or burgundy tie adding that perfect pop against a lighter plaid background. Just remember, the secret sauce is making sure your tie is darker than your shirt for that winning contrast.


Stripes, you bet! Imagine mixing stripes with plaid—it might sound daring, but stay with me. Picture a dance where one pattern takes the lead, and the other gracefully follows. If your plaid shirt boasts big, confident lines and checks, go for a striped tie with delicate, slim lines.

On the flip side, if your shirt sports a smaller, detailed plaid, rock a tie with broader stripes. Keep in mind it's not a showdown; it's a harmonious duet.

Wool or Knitted Ties

Have you ever swayed to music by a crackling fireplace on a chilly winter night? Picture that same cozy warmth wrapped around your neck in the form of a carefully selected woolen or knitted tie, perfectly complementing a plaid shirt.

Whether it's a rich chestnut or a soothing sage green, these ties add a touch of delightful charm, harmonizing with the crispness of a plaid cotton shirt.

Paisley Ties

Imagine the paisley tie as the pecan pie of neckwear – a Southern darling that's sweet and classy. To ace the paisley-plaid combo, go for a larger paisley pattern and pick colors that mesh with your shirt. It's all about harmony, not a pattern riot.

Choose a tie that reflects your personality and adds a touch of color or a stylish contrast to your outfit.

Plaid Shirts and Tie: Things To Avoid

Bold Patterns Overpowering Your Outfit

Don't drown your outfit in too many bold patterns. Plaid is strong enough on its own, but when mixing patterns, it's crucial to find the right balance. Imagine trying to pair a houndstooth tie with a busy plaid shirt – it's almost impossible to do.

Avoid Matching Tie and Shirt Too Closely

Steer clear of matching your tie and shirt too closely; it just turns your outfit into a visual mess. Let each piece stand out individually as part of a coordinated ensemble. Remember what Ma used to say – life's all about contrast. A light blue plaid shirt with a dark navy tie creates a pleasing contrast.

Shiny Ties

Sure, those flashy metallic ties might catch your eye in the store's spotlight, but once you step into daylight, they transform into blinding beacons. People end up squinting just to glance your way. Instead of showcasing your style, it's more like a spotlight you didn't sign up for. Opt for a matte-finished fabric – it's the secret to a stylish yet understated charm.

Tie Examples To Wear With Plaid Shirts

Blue and Red Plaid Shirt

Picture a plaid shirt that's mainly blue with streaks of vibrant red running through it. Now, imagine pairing it with a sleek burgundy or navy tie. The solid color won't compete with the plaid, creating a subtle yet excellent combination.

Green and Black Plaid Shirt

For a green and black plaid shirt, go for a solid black silk or knitted tie. Trust me, it'll add polish to your look without clashing with the shirt's pattern, thanks to the texture of the knitted tie.

White and Purple Plaid Shirt

If you've got a white and purple plaid shirt, don't hold back. Try a gray woolen tie. The soft gray will complement the purple, and the wool texture will balance the shirt's smooth cotton.

Brown and Yellow Plaid Shirt

Now, if your plaid shirt boasts warm brown and yellow tones, a navy or dark gray tie is your go-to. It stands out just enough while keeping that suave Southern gentleman vibe intact.

Blue and White Gingham Plaid Shirt

For the classic blue and white gingham check, pair it with a dark blue silk tie featuring a paisley pattern. The timeless pattern echoes our Southern roots and complements the gingham check beautifully.

But hey, these are just suggestions. Feel free to play around and make these looks your own. Your style is unique, so blend that Southern charm with your taste for a knockout combination.

Plaid Shirts: More Good Ties

Ties with Larger Patterns

Stand out with your plaid shirts by choosing ties that create an intriguing contrast. Opt for patterns that complement, not compete. For a classy look, pair a subdued blue and gray plaid shirt with a bold burgundy tie featuring large paisley designs – sophisticated and not overwhelming.

Woolen Ties in Earthy or Neutral Colors

Woolen ties in earthy or neutral colors may seem humble, but they add character when paired right. Picture a burgundy plaid flannel shirt with a sandy-beige woolen tie for a stylish and textured ensemble.

Polka Dots and Geometric Design Ties

Create a stylish dialogue with polka dots and geometric design ties. Balance is key, so choose ties with well-spaced designs. For instance, pair a navy plaid shirt with a red tie featuring widely spaced white polka dots for a refined vibe.

Solid Dark Colored Silk Ties

Transition your plaid shirts from laid-back to formal by adding solid, dark-colored silk ties. Imagine a red and black plaid shirt with a charcoal gray wool suit and a classic black silk tie – elevating casual to dashing formal.  Now, you know a true Southern gent understands that elegance is always in vogue, so you have to show off some character and charm.

The world of ties offers endless possibilities. Let these suggestions inspire you to see your plaid shirts and tie collection in a new light. It's all about mixing and matching until you find that sweet spot of sophistication and personal style.

That’s a Wrap!

So, fasten that tie, secure the buttons on your plaid shirt, and stride out there embodying the Southern gentleman we recognize you to be. Because it's not just about presenting a good appearance; it's also about experiencing that sense of well-being. Keep in mind style is not merely about the clothes you put on; it's a mirror reflecting your true self. And you, my dear friend, are one of a kind. Allow your outfit to mirror that charisma.

And there you have it! Maintain your elegance, retain your graciousness, but above all, remain true to yourself. There's a distinctive radiance about you, and I believe it's time for the world to witness it!

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