Tips to Maximize Your Wedding Attire

Sure, the dress might seem to get the fashion spotlight at weddings, but men also want to look and feel great at the event, too. Whether you’re in the wedding party or taking a plus one, finding the right wedding attire for men that combine comfort and style is key. 

But you might be asking, “What should I wear to a wedding?” Is a full tuxedo required wedding attire for men? Do you need a hand-crafted bow tie? Is the dressing code for a wedding always the same? 

Most guys have plenty of questions about men’s wedding attire, so we’ve put together some helpful attire tips that’ll ensure you’ll rock your look while friends and family walk down the aisle: 

1. Be Prepared Ahead of Time 

Once you’ve decided that you’re going to a wedding, start planning early. Don’t wait until the day before to figure out what you’re going to wear. This is particularly important if you’re attending a destination wedding. These weddings often require you to go to multiple events, such as a welcome party, rehearsal dinner, the wedding, and a brunch the day after. This means you’ll have to consider what you’re packing beyond just the big day. 

2. Learn to Decode the Wedding Dressing Code

Not all weddings are created equal when it comes to the dress code. Here are a few of the common dress requirements you may see noted on wedding invitations: 

  • Black tie. Unless there’s a particular notation about what to wear, black-tie wedding attire usually includes a tuxedo, black bow tie, polished black oxford shoes (or patent leather), and a cummerbund. 
  • Black tie optional. While a tux isn’t required, you can wear a tux or go with a dark-colored suit with a tie.
  • Semi-formal/casual. For evening weddings, go in a more formal suit and tie. A lighter-colored suit is perfect for daytime weddings with this dress code. An understated tie or a cotton bow tie for wedding suits works well. 
  • Casual. This can mean nearly anything at a wedding, but it’s best to go for business casual, so you’re not underdressed. 
  • Resort/beach formal. Beach weddings are still reasonably formal. Good choices include rolled-up pants in linen or cotton fabric and a relaxed button-down shirt. A linen or cotton suit also works great if you want to impress. 

3. Follow Wedding Etiquette 

Along with looking great, you need to make sure you follow the proper etiquette when you’re attending a wedding. Important rules to follow include not being late! Yes, you want to look good in your brand new outfit and bow tie, so give yourself plenty of time to get ready. If you arrive around 20 minutes early, you will be right on time. 

Another is not bringing a guest if you were encouraged not to. We know you look great, but sometimes guest lists are very strict. Last, bring a card. Tuck it into that suit if you need to. Even if you sent a gift to the couple’s home, getting a card looks classy.

When you go to a wedding, your confidence should rise with how you’re dressed. At High Cotton Ties, we know wearing a well-crafted bow-tie, necktie, and other gentlemen’s accessories is the perfect way to feel your best.

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