What to Know About Cummerbunds

If you’re planning to attend a special occasion and need to put together a formal ensemble, the right tuxedo accessories can make all the difference. Enter cummerbunds! You may have seen them worn in movies or maybe you have even worn one yourself at your high school prom or to a wedding. 

Cummerbunds are a timeless, elegant tuxedo accessory that adds just the right touch to formal attire. Wondering whether this sophisticated selection is right for you? Here’s a closer look at everything you need to know about this popular piece of men’s wedding attire

What Are Cummerbunds?

Cummerbunds are pleated waist sashes that are often paired with a single-breasted tuxedo jacket. Wider at the front and tapered around the sides and back, cummerbunds are available in materials ranging from high-quality silk to budget polyester versions. While most cummerbunds are black, they’re also available in a variety of colors and prints, including plaids, polka dots, paisleys, and more.

Cummerbunds were first worn in the 1850s by British military officers stationed in India. Required to wear full formal attire in India’s sweltering temperatures, they adopted the cummerbund as an alternative to the heavier waistcoat. They drew inspiration from the colorful attire worn by Indian soldiers called “kamarbands.” Eventually, the look was adopted by English civilians, and the rest is history.

Today, cummerbunds are worn to add an element of sophistication, style, and class to men’s formal attire. 

What is the Point of a Cummerbund?

Cummerbunds are inherently purposeful. Their point is to cover your waist, obscure your shirt beneath your jacket’s buttoning point, and provide an impeccable appearance.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Cummerbund?

In addition to creating a polished presentation, cummerbunds offer many additional benefits. First, they add personality and pizzazz to any formal ensemble. Whether you go with debonair black or a more creative color or pattern, cummerbunds are an excellent way to show off your unique sartorial flair.

Cummerbunds also streamline and elongate your look. A well-designed and properly worn cummerbund can slim your waist and make you look taller, as long as you are wearing it properly. 

Those British military officers were onto something – because cummerbunds can also keep you cool. So, if you’re looking for formalwear that will keep you from overheating at a crowded event, a tuxedo with a cummerbund is the way to go! This option is actually much more lightweight than a three-piece suit.

How to Wear a Cummerbund

Cummerbunds are the embodiment of refinement — especially when worn properly.

A cummerbund should be positioned at your natural waist. Half of it should cover your tuxedo shirt while the other half should cover your trousers.

Many of our customers often wonder, “Do you wear a belt with a cummerbund?” The answer to this question is no. Because a cummerbund is meant to give your formal attire a sleek look, refrain from wearing a belt to avoid adding bulk.

Furthermore, cummerbund pleats should also face upward. A great way to remember this: back in the early days of cummerbunds, men used to use them to hold their theater tickets!

Finally, a cummerbund should always be worn with a handcrafted bow tie in coordinating fabric.

One additional note on cummerbunds: you may have seen it spelled and heard it pronounced “cumberbund.” While this is an acceptable alternative, according to the dictionary, “cummerbund” is the preferred spelling and pronunciation.

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