Festive Ties for Stylish Gents

Christmas, possibly the most beloved holiday in America, brims with vibrant celebrations, delicious food, cherished family gatherings, and joyful moments, making it the perfect occasion for selecting the right attire. While holiday fashion often veers towards the extravagant and quirky, why settle for an unsightly Christmas sweater when you can effortlessly elevate your look with a stylish holiday necktie? They are excellent conversation starters, and many boast surprisingly fashionable designs.

So, let's get the party started as I guide you through selecting the perfect tie, ranging from color, pattern, and material recommendations. In closing, I want to share a few tips for choosing just the right tie.

Ideal Colors for Festive Christmas Ties

Traditional Red, Green, and White

You can never go wrong by wearing the colors of the season. A rich red or green tie adds to the festive Christmas spirit. 

A white tie can add elegance and sophistication to your ensemble, as a fresh layer of snow does to a stunning landscape during the holidays.

Gold, Silver, and Navy

For a different take on holiday dressing, gold, silver, and navy add some Southern gentlemanly swagger. 

These colors evoke the spirit of the winter holiday without being too festive. They also add a unique element to an otherwise traditional outfit.

Forest Green, Deep Burgundy, and Champagne

Why not try a few of the quiet heroes? 

The forest green tie pairs wonderfully with a gray or tan suit, giving it a refined yet festive vibe. Meanwhile, burgundy adds a rich, chic look without shouting "Christmas." And a champagne-colored tie is the perfect way to add festive cheer to any outfit in a classy and understated way. 

Christmas Tie Color Combinations

Today, any impeccably dressed Southern gentleman understands that creating a remarkable outfit isn't solely about the individual colors; it's equally about the harmonious interplay of those colors.

  • Red and Green - A brick red tie with subtle forest green stripes looks sharp
  • White and Gold - A burnished gold tie on a crisp white shirt is a classic yuletide pairing
  • Navy and Silver - A navy blue tie with a sleek silver pattern
  • Burgundy and Gold - A deep burgundy tie with a swirling gold paisley pattern
  • Blue and White - A royal blue tie against a white shirt
  • Green and Champagne - A subtle, muted green tie on a champagne-colored shirt

Good Patterns and Materials for Christmas Ties

  • Plaid Patterns - A tartan plaid with bold reds and greens OR an understated gray and black plaid
  • Stripes - A sophisticated red and gold OR a green and silver combo 
  • Christmas Icons - A Barberis silk tie with a discreet Christmas tree pattern (or reindeer or Santa Claus) 
  • Smooth Silk - A smooth silk tie in a deep burgundy or forest green to add a spot of color
  • Wool- A wool tie with a charming snowflake pattern

Pair these ties appropriately: Velvet bow ties with dinner jackets for fancy events, silk or wool ties with sweaters, or sports coats for casual occasions. Dress to match the occasion, gentlemen.

Examples of Christmas Ties and Bow Ties

Classic Silk Tie

A silk tie in a refined shade of navy with subtle holly accents throughout is an instant conversation starter at a Christmas Eve party.

Burgundy Velvet Bow Tie

This bow tie is a holiday classic, featuring a velvety texture and sophisticated color scheme. When I wear this bow tie for Christmas, it adds a distinct, southern charm to my looks, whether paired with a formal dinner jacket or a crisp white shirt and tailored blazer.

Plaid Wool Tie

For a warm and cozy style, slay a wool plaid tie. For example, one that comes in traditional Christmas colors - red, green, and a dash of white.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Designs

If you want to make a bolder statement during the holiday season, consider donning a tie inspired by the classic "ugly Christmas sweater." This whimsical tie proudly features a plethora of festive elements, including reindeer, Christmas trees, and even Santa Claus, all rendered in a delightfully vibrant color palette. 

Gold and Silver Striped Tie

Its metallic stripes add a festive vibe while retaining a touch of classic elegance. Pair it with black or navy suits to create a striking look.

Tips for Choosing a Christmas Tie

Consider the Occasion

For black-tie galas, choose a classic satin red tie, for example. Keep it simple and muted.

If you are attending a more casual affair, like an office party, feel free to flaunt something a bit bolder or crazier. 

Work With Your Existing Wardrobe

Pay attention to your skin tone and build. Certain colors and patterns compliment some skin tones and build, while others will not do you justice.

You may be the kind of man who wears cool hues well; try an icy silver or a jewel-toned blue tie. Try a wider tie if you're broader built; it balances things out well.

Consider Your Style

What’s most important is that you feel comfortable and confident in your dress style. If more conservative colors and fabrics make you feel self-assured, then, by all means, do it! However, if you are more flamboyant and want to stand out, knock ‘em dead! We are all different, which is what makes dressing so much fun.

Wrapping Up

In the symphony of holiday fashion, Christmas ties are the crescendo that adds a touch of festive flair to any ensemble. These vibrant threads of Yuletide spirit adorn our necks and bind us to cherished traditions and moments shared with loved ones. As you select your Christmas tie this year, remember that it's not just an accessory; it's a bridge connecting us to the season's warmth and the joy of giving. So, whether you choose a classic pattern or a whimsical design, wear it with pride and let your tie tell the world that the spirit of Christmas is alive and well in your heart.

Next Steps

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