Holiday Ties Trending: The Festive Charm of a Gentleman

Wearing a suit—or a tuxedo—will land you high on the party’s best-dressed list if the occasion is elevated. When it comes to festive attire, the biggest question is how you'll work color and fabric pattern into your look. Will you keep it subtle or go bold?

I want to focus on the tie since this is part of a Southern gentleman’s appeal. It’s like the star on top of a Christmas tree or the icing on a festive confetti cake. It showcases your personality and brings your outfit together.

So, let's allow your Southern flair to shine through as we touch on the following points:

  • Tips on choosing the ideal tie to fit the occasion
  • Color recommendations for different holidays
  • How to perfectly match your tie with your outfit. 
  • The do's and don'ts of constructing a holiday tie outfit
  • The best colors and patterns for holiday ties

  • Best Colors and Patterns for Different Holidays

    Valentines Day

    Colors - Deep reds, pink, white, plum, lavender
    Patterns - Hearts, small florals
      Embrace subtle patterns that are distinctive. Let your tie be an ice breaker, a conversation starter like a Southern Magnolia, or a carefully prepared Mint Julep.

      St. Patrick's Day 

      ColorsGreen (all shades based on your personality)
      Patterns - Shamrock (dark green tie with a lighter green shamrock pattern or vice versa), plaid or tartan

        With a classic navy or charcoal gray suit and a silver or gold tie bar, your St. Patrick's Day tie will add a touch of bling without being overpowering. Finish off your look with a matching pocket square


        Colors - Pastel colors in lavender, butter-yellow, lime green, baby pink
        Patterns - Floral, polka dot in easter egg form

          A pastel tie beautifully complements a pristine white shirt, providing a simple yet stylish backdrop to stand out. Elevate this ensemble by adding a suit in subtle, neutral tones such as tan, navy, or soft gray, and you'll exude the charm of a gentleman who effortlessly combines classic elegance with a touch of lighthearted celebration.

                                                            Fourth of July

            Colors - Red, white, blue
            Patterns - Stars, stripes

              It would be ideal to incorporate stripes subtly in the pattern or to intersperse the darker shades with whites or lighter blues to provide a dignified yet festive touch to your attire.


                Colors - Black, orange, purple, white
                Patterns - Pumpkin, Skull

                  Let's contemplate some stylish combinations. You could choose a sleek black suit, a pristine white shirt, and a bold orange tie – a sight as captivating as a lantern on a shadowy Halloween evening.

                  Alternatively, envision a charcoal gray suit paired with a patterned purple tie set against a lighter shade of purple or lavender shirt. Southern magician, anyone?


                    Colors - Burgundy, brown, orange, forest green
                    Patterns - Plaid, turkeys, leaves, pumpkins


                      Colors - Red, green, white, gold
                      Patterns - Snowflakes, candy cane, Christmas plaid

                        Combine these Christmas-inspired neckties with a subtly elegant shirt – a classic white option or a festive green one would complement them beautifully. To enhance the holiday spirit even further, contemplate including a pocket square or a coordinating boutonnière for an extra touch of festivity.


                          Colors - Blue (all shades; however, the darker your suit - the lighter your tie and vice versa), silver, white
                          Patterns - Star of David, Dreidel or Menorah

                            A Southern flair can be added by blending the conventional color palette with a timeless Southern design. Consider a seersucker-striped tie in shades of blue and silver or blue and white as a potential option.

                            New Year’s Eve

                              Colors - Black, silver, gold, blue
                              Patterns - Geometric, pin dots, stripes

                              Wearing a fancy bow tie on New Year's Eve is a perfect occasion. A classic black and silver striped bow tie is the epitome of elegance. 

                              Do's and Don'ts for Choosing a Holiday Tie Outfit

                              Do’s For Your Holiday Tie

                              Do Consider the Event

                              If the event is more formal, dress more conservatively. Sport a nice tie with just a hint of color or vibrancy. Conversely, bring on a more festive flair with bolder colors or patterns for a less formal affair. 

                              Do Give Thought to Balance

                              When wearing a plaid tie, wear a solid-colored shirt. Two patterns worn together are simply not a good look! 

                              Wear a Tie That Matches the Rest of Your Outfit

                              The contrast between a mute suit and a bright tie is striking. 

                              Don'ts When Choosing Your Holiday Tie

                              Don't Dismiss Comfort

                              Don’t sacrifice style for comfort. You want to enjoy the party so wear a comfortable tie.

                              Let Your Style Shine Through the Holiday Spirit

                              You may not be a fan of all the festive colors. For example, no rule states you must wear orange on Thanksgiving if this is not your style. Any autumnal colors will grace your appearance for the season.

                              Don't Over-Accessorize

                              Holiday ties are accessories in themselves. Don't overdo it with cufflinks, belt buckles, socks, etc. Sometimes, simple is best.

                              Last Dance

                              The tradition of wearing ties for various holidays adds a touch of festive flair to our celebrations. From the vibrant greens of St. Patrick's Day to the patriotic reds, whites, and blues of Independence Day, these neckties are a creative and fun way to showcase our holiday spirit. Whether it's the spooky Halloween designs or the elegant New Year's Eve patterns, ties can transform our outfits and elevate the atmosphere of any gathering. 

                              So, as we continue to embrace these holiday tie traditions, let's remember that a well-chosen tie can not only accessorize our attire but also symbolize our enthusiasm for the special occasions that bring us together.

                              Next Steps

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