Tie Designs: Transforming the Ordinary to Extraordinary

It's possible to find just about anything on a tie these days, whether it's flamingos, cheeseburgers, or your face if you customize it. These ties can be a great way to show your style and personality. They can also be a fun gift to give to your friends and family. Plus, they make a great conversation starter!

Each tie tells a story, whether it's rich silk, rugged wool, or the cheerful buoyancy of dotted patterns. The reason is that Southern gentlemen live by ties, not just wear them.

If you're intrigued by how a tie can elevate an ensemble from pleasing to memorable, please continue reading. Our journey is just beginning!

Various Types of Tie Designs

Standard Necktie

The most common and frequently worn design is the good old-fashioned necktie. It’s appropriate for so many occasions, and designer neckties are plentiful.

Bow Ties

This classic is a must-have in the repertoire of any Southern gentleman. It is perfect for formal events and bodes well with most facial shapes.


Old-world sophistication best describes the ascot.  It is the perfect Sunday brunch option without the formality of a tie but with a sense of class.


A gentleman wearing a cravat can add significant panache to his attire when it is pulled off with confidence. This broader, loose-hanging neckwear can complement a man's stance in a classy manner.

Bolo Tie

There's no denying that Bolo ties aren't for everyone, but anyone with a touch of Western style who wants something a little less formal will dig them. They usually use some form of cord with metal tips plus a decorative clasp.

A tie is a symbol of one's personality, mood, style, and, most importantly, one’s Southern roots, which prefer a balance of elegance and charm with a dash of excitement. Wearing a tie the right way makes all the difference, not just the design or type. Take your style to the next level!

Various Patterns of Ties

Solid Ties

Solid ties are always in vogue and should be a staple in any man’s wardrobe. Navy, charcoal, or burgundy are year-round go-tos.

Striped Ties

The striped tie is as classic and professional as can be. There's a command of respect with these ties, offering combinations like navy and red or green and gold. Remember, the wider the stripe, the bolder the statement.

Polka Dot Ties

Polka dot ties are fun and playful. However, if you wear a navy tie with soft white dots, the level of formality heightens. Don't overdo it with the size of the dots in a formal setting.

Paisley Tie

Paisley’s intricate pattern lends a vintage feel, while the retro aesthetic adds a sense of Southern charm. Consider wearing this pattern to an autumn hunting party or to a winter gala.

Geometric Ties

If you are seeking a sleek and modern vibe, geometric designs have you covered. Their repeating shapes or sharp lines will provide a dash of interest to your contemporary look.

Floral Ties

Bold yet refined, floral ties can enhance any tailgate or summer brunch, especially around the Kentucky Derby.

Novelty Ties

A tie adorned with tiny saxophones for a jazz concert, perhaps? How about displaying an interest or hobby in a less formal setting? This is the time for some self-expression!

Tie Designs for Different Occasions and Settings

Business Formal Occasions

You need to present a professional image here. Solid colors or subtle patterns are the best choices. For example:

  • A navy or charcoal gray suit with a crisp white shirt coupled with a solid burgundy or blue necktie

For variation:

  • A neat geometric pattern or pin-striped tie can add a touch of personality

Business Casual

Let’s try some casual refinement. To illustrate:

  • A tweed blazer pairs nicely with a paisley tie
  • Light blue or pale pink shirts look stylish with floral ties, especially in muted colors

For variation:

  • Mingle in some polka dots, maybe a red dot on a navy background

Social Casual Settings

For those relaxed gatherings such as a weekend brunch, consider some bolder options:

  • A tie with a trendy geometric design or a tie with a novelty design that reflects your style
  • A bow tie with a country-checked shirt and chinos

Formal Events

It's time to pull out all the stops. Make an elegant and sophisticated statement with solid colors or subtle patterns by donning:

  • A classic necktie or bow tie (for some true Southern inspiration)

Tie Tips for Different Occasions

Consider the Occasion

Based on the occasion, your tie choice will differ. Let me offer you some examples.

  1. Formal business meeting - choose solid and striped ties
    • Navy Blue Striped Silk Tie
    • Sophisticated Silver Solid Silk Tie
  1. Business casual events - choose paisley, polka-dot, and floral ties
    • Blue Paisley Wool Tie
    • Coral Polka Dotted Tie
  1. Social casual gatherings - choose bolder patterns or novelty ties
    • University Themed Tie
    • Kingfisher Print Tie
  1. Formal Affairs - choose a balance of elegance and grandeur
    • Black Silk Bow Tie
    • Wine Red Paisley Necktie

Color Palette

It is important to choose colors that complement your suit and shirt, as well as flattering your complexion. Colors should match the occasion and the season. Bright colors should be avoided for business and formal events. Navy, black, gray, and charcoal are all classic colors that are appropriate for most events.

Remember, moderation is key.

Pattern Scale

Wearing solid-colored suits and shirts allows you to choose a tie with a stronger pattern, while suits and shirts that already have a pattern should be avoided if the tie has a subtle pattern. This may seem like common sense, but believe me, I’ve seen my fair share of wardrobe malfunctions in this arena!

Seasonally Appropriate

Lighter colors and floral patterns shine bright under the spring and summer sun, while darker shades and heavier fabrics feel right in fall and winter.

Spring and summer are the time to don your lighter hues and floral patterns, while deeper shades and hardier materials feel appropriate in colder months like fall and winter.


You've just completed an intensive crash course on the intricacies of selecting formal ties. I'm confident that you'll now exude the epitome of Southern elegance in your attire.

Whether it's a grand royal gala, a professional business luncheon, or a casual neighborhood BBQ, the careful selection of a tie has the power to elevate your outfit, allowing it to harmonize with your style and reflect your character admirably.

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