Knotty Elegance: Top Wedding Ties Unveiled

If you know how to choose your outfit based on the dress code on your wedding invitation, then it should be incredibly easy. However, that's only true if you know what styles, fabrics, and colors are acceptable in each type of dress code.

Read this handy guide before you stress, dig through your closets, or go on a shopping spree because it's not just about picking a tie for a wedding but about choosing a piece of elegance that adds to your Southern allurement and resonates with the spirit of the celebration.

Wedding Tie Considerations

Wedding ties are an art that requires style, sophistication, and a sense of respect for the event.

Importance of Dress Code, Venue, and Theme

In order to make the right choice, you need to understand the dress code and the venue. It is important to choose the right tie if your wedding is in Charleston, SC, at a plantation house, and the dress code is semi-formal. The tie should be elegant while not being overly formal. A subtly Southern-inspired paisley tie could be the perfect choice in this scenario.

Of course, if it is a black-tie affair, go with a black bow tie all the way.

It is also important to consider the wedding theme - for a vintage-influenced wedding, a heritage tie with a houndstooth or paisley design would work well. In contrast, a modern-themed wedding would benefit from a sleek tie with a geometric pattern.

Need To Complement the Suit and Overall Attire

Your tie is the sun in which all the other essentials revolve around. It needs to be complimentary with your suit and the entire ensemble. For instance:

  • Deep blue suit (for the evening) - wear a light silver or soft gold tie
  • Beige suit - wear a maroon or forest green tie for contrast

Balance Between Personal Style and Wedding Aesthetics

A true gentleman knows not to compete with the wedding couple on their special day. You don’t want to overpower the event. For example, if the couple's color hues are soft pastels, you don’t want to appear in a loud and bold tie.

Best Tie Colors and Patterns for Weddings

The Meaning of Common Colors

Sporting the traditional is always in vogue. Black, blue, and red are the favorite standards and can always be worn. However, if you would like to jazz things up a bit, consider a pastel tie. These softer shades are perfect for spring and summer weddings because of their joyful tones.

Appropriate Patterns for Different Wedding Themes

Choose a tie based on the wedding's formality: solid or subtle stripes for traditional, and polka dot or distinctive design for modern, less formal weddings.

If you're dressed up in a suit, choose a plaid tie, a nod to your Southern roots. They're aesthetically pleasing, adding an interesting texture and a lovely pop of pattern.

The Southern Twist: Incorporating Traditional Southern Patterns

Have you ever considered a paisley tie? The swirling, curved design reflects the warmth and hospitality of our Southern hospitality—warm and welcoming, yet fascinating in its familiarity.

Ultimately, keep in mind that colors and patterns should not only enhance your attire but also convey your personality and align with the overall wedding theme. The tie becomes the canvas for our Southern appeal to radiate, striking a balance between tradition and a delightful touch of individuality.

Wedding Ties for Different Colored Suits

Black Suit Ties

A black suit always welcomes a black tie. But if you prefer a little more color, consider:

  • Deep burgundy
  • Royal blue
  • Emerald green

To maintain a balanced contrast, make sure your tie is darker than your shirt.

Gray Suit Ties

Gray's neutrality makes it easy to mix and match tie colors. For a sleek and sophisticated look, try:

  • Navy blue
  • Soft cobalt blue
  • Hint of plum

Navy Suit Ties

Navy is a canvas waiting to be painted with:

  • Burgundy
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Light blue
  • Orange - if you dare!

Brown Suit Ties

When it comes to brown suits, traditional guidelines might feel a bit lackluster. However, fear not! I recommend opting for warmer hues or earth tones to add excitement. For example:

  • Dark green
  • Earthy orange

For a lighter brown suit, such as khaki, a navy tie looks stunning.

White Suit Ties

Well, for classic white, black ties, take the cake! However, keep in mind the following also:

  • Royal blue
  • Cherry red
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald

A bold tie makes a splendid statement against the clean white backdrop.

Best Materials for Wedding Ties


Silk is the perfect choice for black-tie weddings - having a shine and a feel that screams luxury. A perfect blend of tradition and refinement, it is just what you need when you are aiming for an extravagant touch.


The warm and hardy feel of wool is perfect for fall and winter affairs. A finely knit wool tie in a deep merlot looks dashing.

Cotton and Linen

For the lighter and breezier seasons, cottonand linen are your ideal selections. For a more casual ambiance, like a beach wedding, a beautiful pastel tie with a springtime suit surely looks great.

Best Ties for Weddings in Different Settings

City Weddings

Embrace the vibrant energy of the city with high-contrast, vivid satin ties. For example:

  • Classic navy
  • Electric blue

Country Weddings

Rural weddings exude a natural, rustic allure, creating a feeling of genuine warmth that harmonizes beautifully with fabrics like linen and cotton. Simple checks, paisleys, and florals are all acceptable in this venue. Consider:

  • Earth tones
  • Deep green
  • Warm browns
  • Rich burgundy

Beach Weddings

Weddings on the beach require a certain amount of whimsicality. Light fabrics, such as linen, are very effective in beating the heat, and pastels and nautical stripes make a beautiful contrast to the seaside's calm beauty.

Imagine a silk-linen blend tie featuring a pattern, gently swaying in the ocean breeze, with hues of pale tan or soft pastel blue.

Church Weddings

Church weddings are more traditional and conservative. Silk ties are a great option. Perhaps select one of the following for your tie:

  • Black
  • Navy
  • Burgundy
  • Elegant geometric
  • Tasteful stripe

Adapting Southern Style for Different Wedding Locations

It is my suggestion that a paisley or floral tie in either silk or cotton will add a genuine touch of Southern panache to your attire. The key is to style it with grace, and a sense of confidence.

Wedding Ties for Different Dress Codes

Casual Dress Code

Maintain a sophisticated look by pairing a subtly patterned silk or cotton tie with a light-colored suit. However, steer clear of playful designs to uphold the solemnity of the occasion.

Semi-Formal Dress Code

A balance must be struck between formality and comfort. A nice satin tie in a solid color is ideal. Darker shades should be worn for an evening wedding, while lighter hues are fine for daytime.

Formal Dress Code

The classic black or midnight blue tuxedo remains a timeless choice. A flawlessly polished jet-black bowtie sets the benchmark for elegance. Yet, for those seeking a bolder look, a meticulously crafted black necktie is also a stylish option.

White Tie Dress Code

The white tie is the pinnacle of sartorial excellence. Whenever it is worn with a tailcoat ensemble, only the purest white marcella or piqué cotton bow tie is acceptable.

Best Ties for Weddings in Different Seasons

Spring Weddings

Spring brings out visions of floral and polka-dot ties in hues of soft pastel shades.

Don't you think it would be lovely to see a lavender or rose pink tie peeking out from under a gray or navy suit?

Summer Weddings

As summer unfolds, the temperature climbs, yet a gentleman's style should remain unwavering. Opt for linen ties in vibrant Mediterranean hues, such as a deep blue or a lively coral, to add flair to your outdoor ensemble. When paired with a seersucker or lightweight cotton suit, the combination creates a visually refreshing effect. Trust me, it's a winning choice for the sunny season.

Fall Weddings

The autumn season offers a kaleidoscope of colors you can reflect in your wedding tie, from earthy browns to deep reds to vibrant oranges. Wool ties or wool-silk blends in tartan and paisley patterns can enhance the richness of the season.

Winter Weddings

Winter is a great time to wear a darker and thicker tie. Silk ties in burgundy or sapphire blue are perfect against subdued winter colors. You could even go with a velvet tie for an extra punch.

Tips for Styling the Best Tie for Weddings

Remember Contrast

Ties have their place but should complement your suit. Contrast is the key. For example, a dark tie can make a light suit stand out. Dress up a plain khaki or gray suit with a robust tie shade.

Experiment with Texture

Silk ties are great, but don’t you get the urge to try something different from time to time?  I’m thinking of tweeds and knits for a little complexity. For instance, a good linen tie for a summer wedding - introduces a laid-back yet elegant Southern charm to your ensemble. A wool tweed offers a warm and elegant look for a Christmas wedding.

The Tie Knot

Choose a tie knot that suits the formality and your style. I prefer the Windsor knot for its symmetry, but for casual events, go for the four-in-hand knot.

Best Tie Knot for a Wedding Tie

Windsor Knot

For a bold, symmetrical knot with a spread collar, the Windsor knot, named after the Duke of Windsor, is your elegant choice. This thick, wide, and triangular knot exemplifies prestige and class and is the most formal.


With this versatile knot, you can opt for almost any occasion or collar type without feeling out of place. Although it isn't as wide as the Windsor Knot, it still adds a noticeable level of elegance to your outfit, striking an impressive balance between the understated and the substantial.


This knot is widely favored for its easy mastery and ability to create a long, slender, slightly asymmetrical knot that complements various tie fabrics and collar styles. It's reliable and guaranteed to add a touch of solid Southern charm to your attire.

Shelby or Pratt Knot

An extremely rare knot, it creates a medium-sized, symmetrical, and somewhat wider knot. What makes it special is how it is tied inside out, separating you from the crowd.

Whichever knot you decide on, the trick is to make it look effortless and polished, just as a true Southern gentleman would!

Other FAQs About Wedding Ties

1.   Can I rock a patterned tie at a formal wedding?

Certainly! Choose a subtle pattern that complements your suit for formal events, avoiding excessive designs.

2.   I am the groom; should my tie match my bride's dress?

For a cohesive look, the groom's tie should complement, not clone, the bride's dress. Match the theme and style, not just the color, for a coordinated appearance without one overshadowing the other.

3.   Bow tie or necktie, which one is more wedding-appropriate?

The choice between a necktie and a bow tie depends on the dress code and your style. For a black-tie affair, a bow tie is necessary, but for semi-formal or suit dress codes, the decision is yours to make based on your preference.

4.   Do I always have to wear a tie to a wedding?

It depends on the dress code; ties are a must for formal events, but for casual occasions, the tie requirement is often relaxed. As a Southern gent, I suggest keeping a tie handy for any unexpected need to enhance your look.

5.   What tie width is appropriate for a wedding?

The ideal width for a classic tie ranges from 3 to 3.75 inches, making it a reliable choice for weddings. While skinny ties may appear fashionable, they may not be appropriate for every occasion or body shape. Embracing the philosophy of 'timeless over trendy,' I recommend sticking to the classic dimensions for a universally flattering appearance.

Embrace Your Dixie Charm: A Gentle Reminder!

Don't forget that choosing the perfect tie is as much about expressing your charm as it is about following wedding styles. You will be the finest dressed gentleman at any celebration if you trust in your dashing flair. Let's express that majestic Southern allure together, one impeccable tie at a time!

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