Blue Suit Elegance: Tying Together Timeless Style

There's nothing like a navy suit for formal events or business meetings. Its timeless appeal makes it a must-have for any classy man. If you are wearing a navy suit, you may be wondering what color of tie to wear, as many navy suits are worn with ties that do not match the outfit.

Now, we've all been there, standing before our wardrobes in the cool morning light, a crisp blue suit in one hand, a myriad of colorful ties in the other, unsure of which path to take.

Well, banish your uncertainty because you have come to the right place, my friend. Together, we will navigate the color wheel, delve into the nuances of different blue suit shades, and take a gander at patterns and materials.

Come on, let’s go, shall we?

Understanding the Color Wheel

A Blue Suit Color Wheel for Choosing Ties

There are many types of blue suits, but they don't all look alike. Their hue can range from a pale sky blue to a deep navy or midnight. Lighter blues fall toward the cool end of the color spectrum, but darker blues tend to lean toward the warm end due to the increasing presence of black.

Using Complementary, Analogous, and Triadic Color Schemes

A useful color relationship guide will help us choose the appropriate tie based on where our suit falls on the color wheel. Complementary, analogous, and triadic colors usually come in handy.

Complementary Color Scheme

An attractive high-contrast harmony exists between complementary schemes, which are colors directly opposite one another on the color wheel. In the case of a dark blue suit, a dark, orangish, or salmon-colored tie could make a captivating impression. In the case of a lighter blue suit, a brown or terracotta tie could work.

Analogous Color Scheme

Choosing colors from opposite sides of the wheel on an analogous scheme provides a certain harmony. When paired with a blue suit, a green or violet tie adds an elegant touch.

Triadic Color Scheme

An adventurous person might want to try a triadic scheme, in which colors are evenly spaced around the color wheel. It would be striking to wear your blue suit with a red or yellow tie, as it would create an eye-catching contrast that's both daring and sophisticated.

White Shirt and Blue Suit Tie Combinations

Navy is a canvas waiting to be painted.

Navy Blue Tie

You can never go wrong by pairing a navy tie with a blue suit and white shirt. As a result of the contrast provided by the white shirt, the ensemble does not merely imply elegance but rather reveals your refined taste explicitly.

Crimson or Burgundy Tie

A pop of color in a warm tone is always a pleasing choice. For instance, you can add a splash of Southern charm to your blue suit and white shirt ensemble with a crimson or burgundy tie.

Floral Ties

Spring brings out visions of florals.  Floral ties can add a touch of freshness and playfulness to any outfit. They are also a great way to add a unique touch to a classic look. Opt for a floral tie in shades of blue or purple for a subtle yet standout look, maintaining a balanced appearance.

Pink Shirt and Blue Suit Tie Combinations

I’m not referring to the hot pinks but rather a spectrum of pink that extends far beyond Barbie's wardrobe!

Blush Pink Shirt With a Navy Tie and Navy Suit

This combination is pure perfection. The navy tie and suit are the ideal landing for a pastel pink shirt to compliment.

Salmon Pink Shirt With a Warm Brown or Burgundy Tie

Ascending the color spectrum, combining a salmon pink shirt with a medium blue suit creates an appealing ensemble. Add a warm brown or burgundy tie to enhance this combination, resulting in a dynamic duo that elevates the blend of pink and blue.

Rose Pink Shirt with a Dark Colored Tie

Are you feeling a bit bold? You can anchor this vivid combination by adding a dark tie, such as a rich brown or forest green, by pairing a deeper rose pink shirt with a royal blue suit.

Delicate Pattern Ties

In addition to adding a bit of flair and character to your outfit, a tie with delicate patterns in pink and blue can enhance your look and add a pleasing visual appeal.

Blue Shirt and Blue Suit Tie Combinations

Monochromatic Style

Combining various shades of the same color can offer another attractive look. Here are a few combinations to ponder:

  • Pale or sky-blue shirt paired with a strong navy-blue suit and mid-toned blue tie
  • Pale or sky-blue shirt paired with a navy suit and a fleur-de-lis or paisley tie

High Contrast

The contrast between a dark navy-blue suit and a pastel blue shirt can look good when paired with a strong, solid color tie. Why not try a bold burgundy or emerald green tie to capture this stunning contrast?

Subtly Different Shades

Create a style that exudes sophistication with a touch of softness. Explore the realm of subtly varied blue hues for a polished yet gentle look. Picture a navy blue suit paired with a powder blue shirt, creating a subtle contrast that makes a statement. Introduce a deep sapphire blue tie to complete the trio and witness these blues harmonize seamlessly.

Pattern Play

Adding a patterned tie to blue on blue will add an element of depth to your ensemble. It could be a whimsical polka dot or a classic stripe - patterns will break up the monotony of blue. Whenever you choose your suit or shirt with a pattern, choose something complementary, not competing.

Black Shirt and Blue Suit Tie Combinations

Well, now this combo is not for the faint of heart!

Solid Silver Tie

To soften the effect a bit, opt for a silver tie. By adding this color, it will brighten your ensemble and provide an aura of refinement.

Cinnamon or Burgundy Tie:

For a more striking look, consider a cinnamon or burgundy tie. One with a bit of shine or a satiny finish exudes sophistication, while these pops of color add some warmth as well.

Black Tie

This monochromatic ensemble radiates a distinctive blend of class and modern sophistication. Opting for a black satin tie would be an excellent decision, as it captures the light in a way that introduces a hint of intrigue to an otherwise monochromatic pairing.

Blue Suit Shades and Their Corresponding Ties

1.   Navy Blue Suit

Pair with deep and rich colors such as:

  • Burgundy tie
  • Dark green tie

2. Royal Blue Suit

Pair with a pattern such as: (in reds and grays)

  • Dotted tie
  • Striped tie

3. Mid-Blue Suit

Pair with pastels or earthy tones such as:

  • Soft pink tie
  • Plum tie
  • Tan tie

4. Sky Blue Suit

Pair with a dark, contrasting shade such as:

  • Emerald green tie
  • Royal blue tie

5. Powder Blue Suit

Pair with eccentric patterns or dynamic colors such as:

  • Orange tie
  • Aquamarine tie

Explore unique combinations and discover fashion alliances. Consider tie fabric (silk, wool, cashmere) for added style to your blue suit. Make your mark, gentlemen!

Tailoring Tie and Blue Suit Combinations for the Occasion

Formal Events

Occasionally, black-tie events, galas, state dinners, and other formal affairs require the classic elegance that the blue suit relentlessly provides. When the offer is extended, consider the following suggestions:

  • Navy blue or midnight blue suit
  • Silk tie in burgundy, deep purple, or navy blue
  • Silk tie in a geometric pattern

Semi-Formal Events

It is permissible to dress up slightly more flamboyantly with your tie at semi-formal events, such as cocktail parties, weddings, and dinner dates. Consider the following tie combinations:

  • Royal or true blue suit
  • Coral tie
  • Gold tie
  • Rose tie
  • Whimsical patterns

Casual Environments

A business casual meeting or a family gathering are occasions when you want to keep things classy yet relaxed.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Cornflower or sky blue suit
  • Soft yellow tie
  • Soft pink tie
  • Polka dot tie

Blue Suit Ties: Other Tips

Consider the Season and Time of Day of the Event

Opt for vibrant and light hues reflecting the sun's radiance for daytime occasions. For a summer wedding, consider a light blue suit with a pink or lavender tie, evoking a sense of refreshing warmth.

Conversely, evening galas demand darker, more luxurious tones. Envision a moonlit soirée, where a navy-blue suit paired with a burgundy or deep emerald green tie echoes the colors of the night sky.

Don’t Underestimate Your Comfort and Style.

Even the best-dressed gentleman at the party will appear awkward if he is sporting an ensemble that he is uncomfortable wearing or if it is simply not his cup of tea. Be yourself, and you will be sure to look your best. Experiment with different color combinations and silhouettes until you find something that speaks to your style. Take pride in your appearance and be confident in your choice.

Style and Matching Your Blue Suit

Shoes and Belt

Black and brown are always appropriate with navy suits. If your suit is a trifle lighter than navy, a lighter brown or even tan shoe will complement it well. I really love the look of mahogany leather shoes with a rich navy suit.

Tradition dictates that your belt and shoes should match.


Pocket Square

There is no rule that states your pocket square has to match your tie color. Choose patterns and colors that complement your whole suit palette; a dash of color can be your personal signature.

A refined paisley pocket square with a deep blue suit lends a certain panache without being overpowering.


In addition to tying everything together (pun intended), cufflinks add a final touch of elegance. You'll want sleek, understated cufflinks that don't clash with the rest of your outfit. Silver and gold cufflinks exude a majestic charm, particularly when paired with darker suits.


The watch is the silent symbol of a gentleman's style. A classic watch with a leather strap that matches your belt and shoes is a perfect finish.

Stay Stylish

Well, gentlemen, it seems we've embarked on a stylish journey delving into the art of pairing ties with a dashing blue suit. Remember, the realm of fashion is wide open for exploration, so feel free to experiment and create your statement while embodying the elegance of a genuine Southern gentleman. So, go out there and let your confidence radiate. Keep it stylish, gentlemen!

Last Thought

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