Groom's Guide to Chic Wedding Ties

When grooms usually wear jeans and t-shirts to work, wearing a tie on their wedding day may be an intimidating proposition, while those who wear ties to work every day might look for something more exotic.

Choosing a necktie for a wedding is an art. Even though a well-tailored suit, crisp shirt, and polished shoes all contribute to a handsome look, it's often the wedding tie that makes the biggest difference. A wedding tie should be stylish but not too flashy and should complement the wedding attire. It should match the wedding party's overall theme and color scheme, and it should also suit the groom's taste.

Together, we will get you ready for your big day by offering color and pattern recommendations for various scenarios, advising on harmonizing ties with shirts and suits, offering styling tips with accessories, and providing invaluable dos and don'ts for a distinguished Southern gentleman.

The Best Colors and Patterns for a Groom's Tie

Tie Color

For a wedding that demands a high level of formality, darker colors, such as burgundy, navy, and forest green, are ideal. Silver-gray ties or classic black ties would also work nicely.

In summer or daytime weddings, think of soft hues such as blush, mint green, or even coral. Oh, and seersucker blue is perfect for coastal weddings and warm-weather venues.

Tie Patterns

If you desire a pinstripe or checkers suit, a solid-colored tie is your best choice. You can be a little more imaginative if the design of your suit is simplistic.

For instance, a paisley tie blends elegance and cheer, polka dots add a trendy touch, and classic striped ties with a thick dominant stripe and smaller contrasting stripes stand the test of time.

You must maintain balance here, gentlemen - your tie should neither overpower your appearance nor disappear into the background.

Groom's Tie Tips

Consider the Wedding Theme

Choose a tie based on the wedding's formality: solid or subtle stripes for traditional, and polka dot or distinctive design for modern, less formal weddings.

  • Church wedding - Solid silk tie or very subtle pattern
  • Country Club - Paisley tie
  • Beach wedding - Linen or cotton tie

Dress Code Influence

  • Black tie - Silk black tie
  • Cocktail attire - Silk or satin long tie
  • Casual setting - Knitted silk or wool, cotton or linen tie

Your Suit Choice

  • Tuxedo - Bow tie
  • A three-piece suit - slim tie

Personal Expression

  • Nature lover - Green silk tie with a subtle leaf motif
  • Bold and spirited- Bold red tie with paisley design

(Show off your personality with a unique pattern, unique color, or unusual fabric)

Groom's Ties that Match Different Shirt Colors

Harmony in the world of fashion is where aesthetics truly live.

Shirts and Ties: Contrasting and Complementing Colors

The main key here is to have no competition between your shirt and tie. Strive for complimentary shades and hues. For example, a light blue shirt welcomes a navy-blue tie quite elegantly.

For a crisp white shirt, a bold tie makes a splendid statement against the clean white backdrop. A bold red, royal purple, or peacock blue will all stand out beautifully against white.

Pattern Mixing Guidelines for Shirts and Ties

It is advisable to ensure that the patterns are not of the same size. For instance, a fine-striped shirt with a wide-striped tie can convey a feeling of confidence and modernity.

Another illustration opts for a dark floral tie with a hint of pink to complement a soft pink gingham check shirt for an outdoor spring wedding without overshadowing the smaller checks.

Groom's Ties for Different Suit Colors

Navy Suit

Navy is a canvas waiting to be painted! May I suggest a red or earthy brown tie? A burgundy tie can provide a touching contrast to a navy blue suit if you prefer.

Gray Suit

With lighter-colored suits, pastel shades, or even royal blue, look stunning.

The contrast between a royal blue tie on a charcoal gray suit and a pastel lavender tie on a light gray suit is striking yet refreshing and ideal for a garden wedding.

Tan or Brown Suit

Tan and brown suits pair well with green and blue. I mean, the warmth of a sage green tie paired with a brown suit is ideal for an outdoor or rustic wedding. An ocean-blue tie can bring about a breezy, carefree beach wedding vibe.

Black Suit

A black tie is always appropriate with a black suit - giving you the James Bond appeal! If you would like to jazz things up a tad, sport a silver or gray tie or, even more daring - a red tie.

Groom's Ties for Different Wedding Settings

Formal or Black-Tie Wedding

A black or midnight blue bow tie embodies classic elegance. A subtle silk tie or refined paisley pattern adds understated charm, maintaining tradition and elegance in formal settings.

Semi-Formal City Wedding

Choosing a bold color, such as maroon with elegant geometric patterns or royal blue with subtle dots, can be quite a show-stopper if they don't dominate the outfit.

Daytime Country or Garden Wedding

Oh, one of my favorite times of the year! Don those lighter colors like lavender, blush, or even dusty blue. Flowered or botanical prints can subtly echo a lush location, while gingham patterns can strike just the right balance between formal and casual.

Beach or Destination Weddings

This is where the groom can kick off those formal shackles and dive headfirst into a world of vibrant colors and tropical vibes: picture sea green, coral, and electric blues stealing the show. Let's not forget the details—make sure that tie isn't too glossy. Opt for textured ties made of linen or cotton to sprinkle a bit of class into that casual coolness.

Your chief concern should be the venue, time of day, and formality of your wedding. Your comfort is of utmost importance, however.

Matching the Groom’s Tie with the Groomsmen

Unity and Synchronization

One of the most beautiful aspects of a wedding is the unity it represents. This unity should be carried over to the synchronization of the style, pattern, and color of the groomsmen's ties to illuminate your own. To ensure harmony, most gentlemen opt for the same color and pattern for their groomsmen.

Add a Tie Twist for the Groom

Since you are the man of the hour, let's make sure you look the part! You could entertain the concept of the same color but having a solid versus a slight pattern for delineation.

For instance, you may want to wear a solid navy-blue tie if your groomsmen are wearing navy blue ties with small paisley designs.

Pre-Plan the Coordination

Try to avoid any last-minute coordination faux pas. Make your Southern wedding picture-perfect with a well-coordinated bridal party!

Matching the Groom's Tie and Bride's Ensemble

Consider the Bride’s Dress

Is her gown pure white, off-white, or cream? Match a tie in a similar shade for a cohesive look with a traditional white dress or choose a champagne-colored tie for a creamy hue.

Consider the bride's dress style - vintage calls for classic patterns, while a modern look suits a slim tie in a solid color or minimalist pattern.

Getting Inspiration from the Bride’s Bouquet

Match the tie to the bouquet. If the flowers are vibrant, go for a corresponding tie color. For instance, if the bride has blush roses, a blush-colored or rose-patterned tie complements the look.

For a rustic theme with wildflowers, choose a tie that echoes the bouquet's dominant hues.

On your special day, both of you matter! Individual styles are great, but matching outfits add a special touch. A coordinated tie and bridal attire create unity and attention to detail and reflect the thoughtful Southern gentleman's character as you walk together and capture beautiful wedding moments.

Wedding Tie Mistakes to Avoid

Mind Your Proportions

The tie width should mirror the width of the lapel of your suit—it's all about balance. When in doubt, a tie measuring around 3 inches wide at its widest point will work with most lapels.

Get Your Lengths Right

You should have just enough tie to reach the top of your belt buckle.

Select the Right Knot

Traditionally, the Four-in-Hand, Half Windsor, or Full Windsor are acceptable knots for wedding ties - select one that suits your collar type and face shape. A Pratt knot is distinctive but can look too informal.

Balance your Patterns and Colors

A tie that is excessively bright or has an overpowering pattern may steal the spotlight from the rest of your attire. On your wedding day, it's important for you, sir, to be the shining star.

Wedding Ties Should Enhance, Not Dominate, Your Attire

You should avoid gimmicky ties–your wedding is not the time to show your love for your favorite sports team or superhero. Let's just say that if the groom wears a tie featuring the logo of his favorite football team, he doesn't seem to be hitting the right note at such a memorable event.

Great Wedding Ties for Grooms

Floral Ties

Forget the notion that flowers are just for women. If you're planning a wedding in the spring or summer, a floral tie will add a touch of lightness. Choose a tie with subtle patterns in pastel colors on a navy or forest green background.

Paisley Ties

My vision of paisley patterns is a classic choice with Southern charm. They embody the perfect balance between modern chic and traditional elegance.

Polka Dot Ties

Don't be afraid to have some fun! Polka dot ties can add whimsy to your formal attire while maintaining formality.

Solid Ties

Whether you're going to a black-tie event or a business meeting, you can certainly make an impact with a simple yet sophisticated solid satin tie.

Striped Ties

Choose a tie with broad stripes in contrasting colors, especially if the wedding has a preppy or nautical theme.

Personalized Ties

Make your look truly unique by having your tie customized with your monogram, wedding date, or a pattern that means something to you and your bride.

Knot Just a Tie

Choosing the perfect tie for the groom is a subtle yet significant detail that adds a touch of personal style to the wedding ensemble. Whether opting for a classic silk tie, a trendy patterned bow tie, or a unique texture, the groom's choice reflects his personality and complements the overall aesthetic of the celebration. With a thoughtful selection, the wedding tie becomes a lasting symbol of the special day, creating cherished memories for years to come.

Cheers to tying the knot in style!

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