• Technician (NC State Student Newspaper) - Collegiate Design Competition

    Technician (NC State Student Newspaper) - Collegiate Design Competition
    High Cotton, a men's accessories store in downtown Raleigh hold their annual Collegiate Design Competition. The company looks to N.C. State Univeristy students to design and submit a paisley design. The designs are then voted on, and then the winning design will become part of the spring bow tie collection.   Read More Here 
  • Charlotte Observer

    Charlotte Observer
    True to its name, High Cotton has made a mission of helping to revive the state’s textile industry with its N.C.-sourced and -made bow ties, neckties, button-downs and more, in a rainbow of colors and patterns. A family-run business, it operates out of a downtown flagship boutique. There, customers find regular events, such as First Friday soirees, plus the annual Collegiate Design Competition, which...
  • Midtown Magazine

    Midtown Magazine
    When my son was in medical school, a study came out about doctors' silk ties carrying germs," said founder and owner Judy Hill. That inspired her to create washable cotton versions with coated hardware to withstand repeated washings.The company, sold in more than 275 stores in addition to its downtown Raleigh outposts, uses a boll weevil in its logo, and hosts an annual paisley...
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